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3 tips to play fifa 14 well.

Little doubt exists that World Cup Brazil represents the pinnacle of World Cup-specific games so far, however, and Prior is keen to promote exactly that as a key reason for FIFA 14 owners to invest in the series again so soon after the series' latest release.

"There's also a lot of content that you can't get in other FIFA games: the 203 national teams, the authentic World Cup stadiums, and the general sense of atmosphere we've built around this to match the actual World Cup," exudes a genuinely passionate Prior.

"It really is the most immersive atmosphere we've had. A typical FIFA can't focus in on one particular area as it has to cover so many different leagues - they don't have the luxury of concentrating on making one tournament as true a representation as possible, but that's what we've done."

Those are 3 tips to play fifa 14:

1.Finesse shot.  
Say it out loud and remember it. This is an amazing shot to use to put points on the board.  If you ever wanted to bend it like Beckham, this is how it's done. To take a finesse shot, hold down RB/R1 while powering up the shot. You have to aim where you want the ball to go with this shot, just like normal, but this will give you a good curve that helps squeeze the ball into the net, just out of the keeper’s reach.

2.Advanced Passing
If you read the beginner’s guide, you know EA Sports made passing the ball in FIFA 14 more challenging. Luckily for us, FIFA comes equipped with a variety of passes to help you get out of any situation.
The through pass is a pass every player needs to have up his or her sleeve. This is a great way to get out on a breakaway and beat the back line. A through pass aims to a spot ahead of the player you are passing to so he can get to it in mid stride. Not passing directly to a player is risky, so practice this one. It is a high risk, high reward pass. To perform a through pass, press Y/Triangle, and again, the power meter comes into play.

Defense is a little more cut and dry than offense. It is just as important if not more important, but there is a lot less to remember. Nevertheless, there are a few things you could do to help yourself put the squeeze on your opponent that goes beyond running towards him at full speed.
First, slow down and square up the attacker. If all you do is run, any good player will sidestep out of the way. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, or the ball, for that matter. Square up your opponent by holding LT/L2.  This will give you a wide stance and keep your chest pointed at the ball, similar to blocking someone out in basketball.  Instead of turning to run, you will implement a side step.  This makes it a lot harder for anyone to run or pass you.
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