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New FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Brazil 2014

New FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Brazil 2014
It will be available from April 15
The only game out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
The public may be for or against your team , support with banners and flags
Supporters and video game lovers can experience and enjoy the biggest football event in the world through their consoles, which will be available in Spain on 15 April.
Producer of EA SPORTS, Gilliard Lopes announced innovations that will be in the only official game of the FIFA , " FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014." The Brazilian said that this title will not reach the next generation consoles , because they do not even have enough demand we have the Fifa 14 Coins XBOX 360, Fifa 14 Coins PS3 and Fifa 14 Coins PS4.

2014 Fifa 14  World Cup Brazil adds new modes, teams, stadiums and a carnival atmosphere, but with FIFA 14 still fresh in the minds of fans, will it prove as popular?

Immediately, you can tell that 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil looks and feels different compared to FIFA 14.

Not so much when the whistle sounds and the first ball is kicked, but certainly leading into matches.

Everything is much brighter and more colourful, the music is a bit more chipper and there are lots of little touches that make it clear you're at the World Cup. Crowds gather to watch games on the big screens, real life managers strut around the technical area and matches are played in bright sunshine.

Producer Matt Prior said that one of the team's key objectives was not only to capture the carnival atmosphere, but also to make new and returning fans feel like they're a small part of a much bigger event.

"We wanted to create the biggest game we've ever done; capture the atmosphere that makes the World Cup so special; and enhance gameplay so that it's a noticeably different game than FIFA," Prior explained.

"It's the biggest game we've ever done in terms of an event title. There's ten modes in there and it was important for us to create the atmosphere, because that was a key part of the World Cup, and this time around it's in Brazil, and so it couldn't be in a more exciting place.

"So, capturing that kind of Brazilian flair, that essence, that kind of atmosphere was key for us, so we've done lots around that. We've got the crowd in there, the managers in there, the crowd at home where it cuts away to the England fans in Trafalgar Square watching it all unfold.

"We've got external views of the stadiums and all that kind of stuff, so we've really blown out the atmosphere of the whole event, which was a key part for us."

It's not just visual touches that have been used to tell the story. As you play through tournaments and attempt to rise through the ranks and captain your country as youngsters like Ross Barkley or Jonjo Shelvey, one of two radio shows will talk you through the experience.

"Traditionally in an event title, we've had game, game, game and you just kind of came to the front end and went back," Prior continued.

"This time we've taken that a step further, so now we've added training to the whole flow, and wrapping that is the radio show. There's two radio shows actually. There's Andy Goldstein and Ian Darke, and two guys called Men in Blazers, who run a podcast out of New York."

The radio shows play between matches, adding a little extra colour and a splash of humour with more than 50 hours of recorded content.

"You can select your radio going in, and they'll just kind of set the scene and talk about the things that make the World Cup so exciting."

"When you're actually in the World Cup, they'll talk about your performance, and if you get to the last game of the group stage and need three points, they'll talk about that."

"They'll answer emails and talk about what makes the event so exciting, but they'll also tell the story of the World Cup, and it's really funny as well."

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Gilliard was born in Rio de Janeiro and has been creative and technical partner from 2008 to the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise . Working as an engineer , designer and leading software producer.
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