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One Popular Chemistry Style In The FIFA 15

According to the research, players in the FIFA 15 find one popular chemistry style in the FIFA 15. And it has the following tips.

Firstly, the position is very important in the chemistry style of the FIFA 15. Generally speaking, defensive styles are applied to defenders (Sentinel, Guardian, Gladiator, Backbone and Anchor); attacking styles are applied to forwards (Sniper, Deadeye, Hawk, Marksman and Finisher) and the other styles to the midfielders (Artist, Architect, Powerhouse, Maestro e Engine). While the five goalkeepers styles may only be applied to these players. It is a good practice to apply chemistry styles according to player’s position.


Secondly, the playing style is one factor in the chemistry style of the FIFA 15. There are no one plays FIFA in the same way, whether better or worse. Some like to use the wings to attack or by the middle. Others prefer to play in counter attacks or keep the ball. When choosing a FUT 15 chemistry style, players had better carefully analyzing the roles of each player according to playing style.

Lastly, the formation is another factor in the chemistry style of the FIFA15. Players who play in the same position but in different formations may have different needs. Just taking central backs as an example. If they play in a 4xx formation, they should run very fast. However, to the central CB of a 5xx formation, the defending and the heading is something much more important. So analyzing the roles of each player in the team is important. 

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