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The great graphics in Fifa 15 attracts me

Compared with the Fifa 14, I prefer Fifa 15 for its great graphics. In my opinion,FIFA 15 looks amazing for it has the greatest presentation in sports game history. And the following visual improvements attract me.

The high simulation of the pitch

The longer a match progresses in FIFA 15, the dirtier the pitch becomes. Watch as the pristine grass eventually gives way to skid marks, footprints and dirt.  There’s a limit to the madness. You won’t end the game swimming in a mud bowl, but witnessing the pitch degrade over time is very cool to see. And this also extends to the players. Should someone skid along the grass, you’ll instantly see a green stain on his backside when he gets up.

The shocking realistic of the players

Players now experience a wide range of emotions (over 600 total in the game) that tell the story of each individual match. We begin with the 22 players on the pitch, all of whom have an emotional reaction to each other. Players repeatedly fouled by others may act aggressively towards the dirty footballers, while teammates will either celebrate a striker for making a key goal, or throw up their hands in disgust as he misses repeated attempts. The list of emotions includes tired, happy, sad and calm, among others.

Above all,I was deeply attracted to the Fifa 15, in which I could get excited. 

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