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the great improvement at FIFA 14

FIFA is one of the best selling games every year and has a large fan base of support. In recent years, this has grown even more by the weekly updates and the fan-favourite Ultimate Team game mode.

We know an improved football game will inspire all fans of EA sports games. In recent days, EA has released its innovations to the most excellent game around the world which is going to get zealots to enjoy scoring exciting goals during fifa 14.

By means of four brand-new features, zealots can have ways to control the match tempo. Among the four new features, teammate intelligence will be enhanced. New logic passes smarter tracking and tighter tracking where a defender realizes chances to offer support as well as win back his possession. Meanwhile, attacking players will have new methods to overcome defenders through building up room. Sprint dribble turns allow a player to head for every direction at the sprint speed when preserving momentum.

A kind of scouting network is able to evaluate every footballer all around the world to seek the traits and attributes in the football game. Other than innovations, the game will introduce a new way of playing Career Mode. fifa 14 being developed in EA Canada and is going to be released soon. Let look forward to the amazing game to be released.

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