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three Big News about FIFA 14

FIFA 14 has won the award for Best Sport Game (we’d call it Best Sports Game in the U.S.!) at the 2014 BAFTA Game Awards. FIFA 14 beat out F1 2013, Football Manager 2014, Grid 2, Forza Motorsport 5 and NBA 2K14 for the award. The highlight of the acceptance speech was the host asking EA to bring back Tournament Mode.

 FIFA 14 is going to be much more authentic. This game would contain 33 licensed leagues, which include the addition of Argentinean and Chilean League; over 600 authentic clubs, which includes 18 Brazilian clubs that are from the Shkatar Donetsk and division one, many Italian clubs that are from the Serie B; and over 16,000 players of real world.

The Last Great Generation available on Fifa 14. The growing season has begun! We now have entered fully into the new football season within the end on the 2013 as well as the end of summer 2014, putting the icing to the grill while using the World Cup, where Spain will win the title of champion around the globe. Meanwhile, to meet the pleasures of earthly human species have, as the best example, 'FIFA 14 Autobuyer', another installment in EA Sports entering our consoles and PC so that you can give us a lot of time of fun and excitement.

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